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Mistakes novice blackjack from which to get rid of in the first place

Let's talk about the most dangerous for your bank wrong principle playing blackjack. Very few players can hardly make mistakes while playing blackjack. Even experienced craftsmen sometimes act recklessly. However, the error message discord, say, the difference between the consequences of the wrong score in one hand and a permanent split CD fives huge. If the first case can cost a lost amount, the second means a significant increase in the benefits of the casino. Therefore, we consider just such mistakes and errors that are too costly for the players.
It seems, on the basic strategy said so many times that she should follow every single player. Unfortunately, this is not so. May sound simple advice for beginners too dry and unconvincing, so consider some of the provisions in more detail. After all, it is their failure to too negatively affect the result.

The fear of busting
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Many beginners in blackjack completely ignore professional advice and always stay even twelve glasses, as soon as the probability of busting. Often, they do not pay attention to the card dealer. Their decision, they explain that better that enumerates the dealer. In fact, stop set at twelve can only be very weak card dealer. At thirteen, sixteen - a little more often, but also not always. Completely pointless to do so if the dealer has opened this card as an ace, ten or nine. In general, the steps to a basic strategy, proven by millions of players.

Ignoring Surrender
Reluctance to immediately lose half the rate most often leads to its complete loss. However, the nuance of the rules is one of the most profitable for the player. So profitable that in most casinos it is very limited or even banned. Agree, this is no accident, therefore refusing Surrender in all cases, you are depriving yourself of a strong weapon.

Do not use Double.
Another rule, the skillful use of which helps the player. Learn all the tips on this subject. They are set out in detail in any interpretation of the underlying strategy. Double ignore unacceptable.

Split strong cards.
First, never, under any circumstances, do not separate two fives. You have a strong ten points that the division into a very disadvantageous two in five, are likely to be poorly thirteen to fifteen at the exit of the second card. Also, almost never recommended Split dozen. An exception may be playing at a very high positive score, if you are driving it, and the weak map dealer. But even in that case, you can call maloopravdannym overkill.

The use of insurance and equal money. This is extremely disadvantageous long player tactic that always clamoring to dealers. Again, it can be done only in those cases, if you count cards and you know that the vast majority of the remaining cards in the shoe, are rated "ten." However, as in the case of the separation of ten, do the insurance is not recommended. Even money have the same principle, so them also refuse.

Imitation dealer. Some players initially believe that it makes sense to act like a dealer. In particular, take cards as he does. But this is absolutely nonsense. Leave dealer mandatory set of seventeen. He is obliged to do so by the rules. In your arsenal of more various means, so use them.

Some common mistakes novice players can also mention trying to count cards at online casinos. Meaning boils down to determining the probability of the presence of any of the remaining cards in the deck to shuze. In virtual casino all the cards are shuffled (or rather, are generated) before each game, so something impossible to calculate, in principle. So leave this venture as a completely senseless.
Finally advise never to play blackjack in a casino where the dealer keeps set on soft seventeen glasses. This somewhat reduces your advantage, so it's best to give up the services of such an institution.
Of course, this is just some of the comments from a huge list, but in practice, these errors are most often committed players began their careers in blackjack. We hope that they will be useful to you, or at least make contact to the underlying strategy and to tighten their theoretical knowledge. Remember, if you want to win at blackjack, it should be taken as a science, not as an enjoyable way to spend time.
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Date : 2010-07-16

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